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Reach new markets and strengthen your business relationships 

Localallies offers international trade solutions and provides the tools to facilitate the expansion of your company's horizons, explore new opportunities and maintain relationships of trust at the international level. 



Translation / Localization

Do you want to reach new markets in the most accurate way possible? Localization is the key.

Localallies is a full-service translation agency that offers a wide range of language services to businesses and individuals. Localization is the process of adapting a product's translation to a specific country or region. It is the art of making it linguistically and culturally appropriate to the target locale where it will be used and offered.

Content creation

Content creation will help you to connect with your audience and share your message in a way that is engaging and interesting.

It can also help you to promote your brand and build trust with potential customers. Localallies can help you develop and produce high-quality content in any segment of international Trade. 

Interpretation / Events support

Event interpretation can contribute to your event’s overall success, delivering your content to multilingual audiences in the language they best understand.

In addition to interpretation at face-to-face events (exhibitions, conferences, business meetings), we offer remote interpreting whether simultaneous or consecutive for your webinar, virtual conference or Over-the-Phone Interpretation.


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46th International Beekeeping Congress - Apimondia (Montreal, Canada)

Localallies assisted the Brazilian delegation with interpreting English and French into Portuguese and vice versa.

SIAL CANADA - Food Trade Show (2018 & 2022)

Localallies assisted the Brazilian exhibitors with interpreting English and French into Brazilian Portuguese and vice versa. Localallies also provided organization support, coordinating the staff and answering questions from participants.

HQ Brazil Catalog 

Localallies has translated and localized from Portuguese into French and English the “HQ Brazil Catalog (Catálogo HQ Brasil)” that is part of the program "Brazil in comics" (Brasil em quadrinhos). 

Bilateral trade magazine Brazil-Canada 

The 74th edition of the Sustainable Mining magazine of the Chamber of Commerce Brazil - Canada has been translated from Portuguese into French.

Access Canada: A Guide on Exporting to Canada

The Guide on Exporting to Canada offered by The Trade Facilitation Office (TFO) Canada was localized and translated from English into Portuguese.



Understanding Canadian Business Culture – MIRA

The Canadian guide is a one stop shop for business culture with an emphasis on practicality. It facilitates market research and planning; market entry and representation; and product, price, place, and promotion strategies. The guide is also available in Portuguese.

9 important steps to localize your digital product in Brazil

Entering a new market requires more than just translating your content into the local language. It involves localization, a process of adapting your product to meet the cultural, linguistic, and legal requirements of the target market. If you are planning to enter the Brazilian market, you need to understand the country's unique business environment, consumer behavior, and regulatory framework.

The guide will give you access to 9 important steps to localize your digital product in Brazil: software, e-books, audio and video content, digital images, and other digital products like web applications and mobile apps.